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 Who Are We 
Christian Learning Center is a non-degree granting institute of adult education designed for church leaders and laypersons. We provide training and practical application in biblical and doctrinal studies, ministry and leadership skills in preparation for the "work of the ministry".
 Our Mission 
The mission of Christian Learning Center (CLC) is to educate, equip and empower the Body of Christ through biblical teaching and hands on training for a life of faith and service.
 Administrative Board 
Rev. Virginia Robinson

Rev. Carlos Bannister
Vice President

Rev. Laverne Mitchell
Academic Dean

Rev. Yvonne Atkinson
Administrative Dean

Chris Collymore
Business Administrator

Rev. Tatum Osbourne
PR/Marketing & Technology Coordinator
 Our Goals 
  • To train church leaders and laypersons in both biblical and practical theology.
  • To provide a foundation for those who sense a call to serve in ministry.
  • To provide practical hands-on training for those seeking to improve ministry practice.
 Advisor Council 
Rev. Dr. Harold E. Banarsee
Rev. Dr. Jefferson W. Bannister, DMin.
Rev. Dr. David Collymore, MD
Rev. Dr. Arthur W. Davenport
Rev. Charas Ebron
Min. Roseann Evans
Faith Peart
Christian Learning Center
Under the Auspices of the Eastern New York General Assembly of the Church of God
PO Box 10085, Westbury, New York 11590